Chair of the Board - 

Rachel Whitehead had been clean since March 14th 2017. The last thought she had before choosing recovery was ‘how was life ever going to be fun without using?’ 

Her journey changed those ideas immediately as she found freedom in recovery and life became more fun than ever before. 

Rachel has translated her love and joy into  her service work. She served as the treatment Chair for her home-group, ordered literature for newcomers, served on the ‘Women in Recovery’ campout and activities committees, and put on a very successful clean rave called Clean Beats. 

When Rachel learned that recovery clubs existed around the world she was instantly inspired at the idea of a space in which to hold meetings, games, craft nights and dances - all geared for people in recovery and their families. 

In December 2019 Rachel was elected the second Chair of the Alano Club board. She has worked tirelessly since then to learn how to build and grow a not-for-profit society, to assemble a new board and committee, to engage the recovery community, and to create acceptance, compassion and connection for all. She is passionate about the work and continues to give her 100% to the South Island Alano Club!

Vice Chair - 

Laura Bridgeman is the South Alano Club’s vice chair. She brings with her years of service within the recovery community in her own home groups as well as with women in recovery.

Laura has previously served her community with Scouts Canada, Community Living Victoria and Whitecrow summer camps. Aside from her love of service, Laura is career focused and is always looking for ways to improve her skills. She is family oriented and loves her two kids and two dogs and two mice with her whole heart.

We are currently looking for a Treasurer -

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Nicole has been clean since September 16 2017. Nicole got clean by attending a 12-step program and by attending recovery-based events around Vancouver Island. Nicole currently holds the treasurer position at her home group, is the chair of the Women in recovery committee and is also the Alano Clubs secretary. Nicole has a heart for service and loves to spread love, joy and laughter. Nicole’s recovery has given her a diploma in Accounting and she is constantly looking for ways to improve herself as a person. In her spare time, she likes to mend to her garden, be with her family and to watch the sunrise on the water.