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Our Board Members


Chair of the Board 

Nicole has been clean since September 16 2017. Nicole got clean by attending a 12-step program and by attending recovery-based events around Vancouver Island. Nicole currently holds the treasurer position at her home group, is the chair of the Women in recovery committee and is also the Alano Clubs Chair. Nicole has a heart for service and loves to spread love, joy and laughter. Nicole’s recovery has given her a diploma in Accounting and she is constantly looking for ways to improve herself as a person. In her spare time, she likes to tend to her garden, be with her family and to watch the sunrise on the water.


Vicky has been sober since November 4, 2018. She found her strength in the recovery community. She strongly believes that community and togetherness are essential parts of recovery.

Vicky brings 18 years of accounting experience. Since getting sober Vicky went back to school and got her diploma in Social Services. She now works as a Housing Outreach Worker at a not-for-profit housing organization. In her spare time she likes to get out in nature.

Board Positions Available

  • Vice Chair

  • Secretary

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