Project Cost Estimate

Lawyers and accounting fees, and liability insurance  $4,250.00
Website launch and 6 months in advance  $250.00
Licensing and fees $500.00
Retrofitting an existing building est  $25,000.00
Purchasing startup supplies and furniture est  $12,000.00
Six months rent, utilities and operational club supplies in advance est  $42,000.00


Our Plans

We have started the process of establishing the SIAC and are registered as a non profit society.  Our vision is to open a facility with the following amenities:  wheel chair access, accommodation for 100 patrons,  a large parking lot, close to major bus routes, the ability to serve non-alcoholic refreshments and food, equipped with a large room that can be rearranged for dances, and at least 2 meeting rooms for various recovery meetings. 


We are working towards having a long-term sustainable income plan, meeting all municipal, provincial and federal licensing requirements, having the ability to host regular events, create a productive and committed Board of Directors and sustain at least 200 members paying membership dues.   We intend to have the SIAC run by volunteers, however, paid positions may be required in the future. 

Project Cost Estimate

Lawyers, acct'g fees, liability insurance
Website launch and 6 months in advance
Licensing and fees
Retrofitting an existing building

Startup supplies, furniture

Rent, utilities, operating costs (x6 mo)






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