Helping Renew

Lives Through Recovery

Our Mission

To provide a facility and an environment conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal; where those seeking recovery from addiction can gather to share a message of experience, strength and hope.

"The Opposite of Addiction

is Not Sobriety, It’s Connection." 

Johann Hari

Project Cost Estimate

Lawyers, acct'g fees, liability insurance
Website launch and 6 months in advance
Licensing and fees
Retrofitting an existing building

Startup supplies, furniture

Rent, utilities, operating costs (x6 mo)






We are working hard to raise a total of $84,000 for the SIAC to open it's doors.  We are working on obtaining funding through grants, donations, membership dues and fundraising campaigns. 


We also have a fundraising accounts with Various Bottle Depots at the following locations: 655 Queens Avenue, 3961 Quadra Street and 4261 Glandford Avenue. Just drop off your bottles and request the proceeds to go to South Island Alano club.

Our Goal:

To raise $10,000 through this Campaign by asking 100 South Island businesses for $100 each. 

Jo McCann and Barbara Corbett, SIAC Board Members

Our Progress

Please consider joining us in our efforts to open the doors of the South Island Alano Club.   In exchange for your donation, your business will be recognized on our social  media and promotion materials and as a local business contributor to the 100 South Island Businesses for Recovery and proud supporter of the South Island Alano Club (if desired). 

The South Island Alano Club is a registered society in BC with a Board of Directors comprised of members in recovery. We are not yet a registered charity and therefore are unable to issue tax receipts at this time.

Getting Started

"100 South Island Businesses for Recovery " Fundraising Campaign

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