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Helping Renew

Lives Through Recovery

Our Mission

To provide a facility and an environment conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal; where those seeking recovery from addiction can gather to share a message of experience, strength and hope.

"The Opposite of Addiction

is Not Sobriety, It’s Connection." 

Johann Hari


Our Goal:

To raise $20,000 during 2021 through monthly donations and events

"100 People Giving Monthly" Fundraising Campaign

As you know, there is a lack of resources for people in recovery and their families in the South of Vancouver Island.  You could help create a safe meeting place that is open regularly and would make a huge difference to this community - especially those in early recovery.  Alano Clubs exist all over the world and are greatly successful. For travelers, those new to recovery and families of those who are suffering, it may seem like there is nowhere to turn. An Alano Club bridges that gap. When we come into recovery, we often think life will never be fun or happy again. An Alano Club is a place where we discover differently!  I'd like to invite you to become a founding member of the future South Island Alano Club, so that we can give back to the newcomer, build community, and have our own safe space to turn to in times of need.

We cannot move forward and attain a lease without showing broad support - even at a small giving scale. This is where you come in. We need 100 people committing to a donation of $25.00 a month for the next year.  This ongoing revenue will be leveraged to secure grants, major gifts, and corporate donations, and will get us to the place where we need to be to open a recovery club in Victoria. Will you join us by making a monthly donation of $25?  Think about it - that's about $6 per week - and you can help make this dream a reality.  If $25 is too much, you can sign up for a monthly gift of ANY amount.  Number of gifts is almost as important as the total dollars raised when it comes to proving to grant funders that we have lots of give $5 or $10 if that's all you can afford right now.  With your help we will have a club opened by next year!   Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued faith and support! 



Nicole S , Vicky S

(SIAC Board)

What is an Alano Club?

Project Cost Estimate

Lawyers, acct'g fees, liability insurance
Website launch and 6 months in advance
Licensing and fees
Retrofitting an existing building

Startup supplies, furniture

Rent, utilities, operating costs (x6 mo)






We have worked hard to raise more than $84,000 for the SIAC to open it's doors.  Opening and running our facility comes with many costs and we continue working on obtaining funding through grants, donations, membership dues and fundraising campaigns. 


We also have a fundraising accounts with Various Bottle Depots at the following locations: 655 Queens Avenue, 3961 Quadra Street and 4261 Glandford Avenue. Just drop off your bottles and request the proceeds to go to South Island Alano club.

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