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A group of committed individuals in recovery who are gathering together to implement our mission: 


To provide a facility and an environment conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual renewal; where those seeking recovery from addiction can gather to share a message of experience, strength and hope.

What is an Alano Club and what do they do?

  • A non-profit society

  • A source of information about addiction. 

  • A place for recovery groups to have meetings on a regular basis.

  • A facility to provide social activities for recovering addicts and their families in a sober environment.


Why is this so important?

A connected recovery community helps maintain sobriety.   A network is the key to getting sober because an addict alone is in bad company.   it is essential to "give back what we have been so freely given."  The gift of sharing our experience strength and hope helps us continue to grow.   It truly takes a village to heal!

Helping Each Other In Recovery

What's New

Who We Are

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